Dia de Muertos seasonal Jam

In honor of the fall season and all the beautiful traditions that go with it, we have came up with an extra rich apricot preserve with an extra hint of Comapeño and fresh ground seasonal spices… We love this jam so much that we package it in a 6oz intead of 3.5oz jar!!!

Pairs amazingly well with cheeses, yogurt, or ice cream!

We are proud to admit that we won 2nd place in “The Hot Pepper Awards” 2015 in the category for Jams and Jellies!!!

If you want to replace the Days of the Dead Jam in any combo packs in place of our regular jam, please and we can replace it for a small fee!

As our regular jam, it is shipped in a gift box with a beautiful wooden spoon.


Order Dia de Muertos seasonal Jam

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