Whole dried Comapeño Peppers

Due to popular demand (and because Joao insists this is the best way to enjoy them) we are once again offering whole dried Comapeño Peppers for sale!

Get your Comapeños in a simple and elegant brushed aluminum tin can.

Quick fry them, toast them, crush them or make your own salsa… you get all the flexibility! If you find yourself short of ideas, search our site for inspiration as we will continue to upload delicious Comapeño recipes. If you don’t find what you are looking for, shoot us an email and we’ll get you on your way!



Order Whole Comapeño Peppers

14 thoughts on “Whole dried Comapeño Peppers

    • Estimada Marcia,
      Nuevamente tenemos Comapeños. Si sigues interesada, nuestra pagina esta recibiendo ordenes nuevamente. No te tardes porque estan en muy alta demanda y se nos acaban rapido!


    • Jesse,
      We just received a shipment and are ready to ship as soon as you place your order. We usually run out within a couple of weeks of receiving an order as some customers pre-order in advance, so dont wait too long!

    • WE have just received a new shipment of Comapeños, you may place your order in this same webpage. We do sell out quickly, so if you are still interested dont take too long!
      Thanks for your interest!!!


  1. What is the selling price for whole comapenos? Can you please tell me how long will they keep? Do you deliver to Washington State?

    • Please see our product offerings above. We just received another shipment and would suggest your place an order before we run out again!
      If you are interested in purchasing larger quantities please get in touch with use at sales@comapeno.com for pricing information.


  2. Donde estan situados mi esposa vive en el DF y si ustedes estan ahi ella podria ir a comprarlos en persona

    • Estimado Alfonso, disculpa la tardanza en responder a tu mensaje pero hemos estado en Veracruz consiguiendo mas chiles y negociando con chileros en el monte… Nosotros estamos situados en EEUU, pero por suerte en este momento si tenemos un poco de Comapeño en el DF (en Coyoacan). Cuanto chile quieres comprar? No tenemos mucho asi que porfavor mandame un correo electronico a sales@comapeno.com para discutir los detalles.


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