Before Cooking with the Comapeño Pepper:

Like all hot peppers:

  1. If you decide to touch these peppers with your bare hands, WASH them before touching other people or parts of your body…most importantly your face!
  2. Finally, cook them in a well-ventilated area and let others know in advance. If you burn the peppers and your pan starts smoking, take it outside the house promptly and place it in a safe spot high off the ground until it stops smoking… It’s not fun when everybody starts coughing and sneezing while you are cooking!!!

To get the most of your Comapeño peppers:

  1. When you receive your Comapeño peppers, you will notice that the fit of the cork to the bottle is not airtight. This is on purpose. Comapeño peppers are somewhat delicate and they need air circulation in order to remain dry and tasty! So, you have to let them breathe…
  2. If you fry or roast the peppers, be careful not to overcook them. They have thin skin and can burn easily. In hot oil they can burn in less than 20 seconds…

4 thoughts on “TIPS

    • Hi Terrell,
      We have not done a Scoville count… but if I were to guess on a scale of 0-10 with 0 being a bell pepper and 10 being Scorpion or Reaper pepper, it would probably be around about a 5-6. So its a bit less spicy than a habanero, but it has a very different heat profile. The heat is more in the back of your mouth, not at all on the tongue, lips,nose, eyes… Also the peak hits you within about 5-10 seconds and lasts for about 20 seconds, then it tapers off and leaves a very manageable and smooth after-burn for about 2-3 minutes. This heat profile is one of the things people love about the Comapeño!
      Im in the process of getting a proper Scoville count done in the next few weeks at a lab. I’ll let you know when we get some results!
      I hope this explanation helps!

    • Charles,

      Thanks for your question! We are actually in the process of making a new product that will be Chile Comapeño seasoned oil…Please stay tuned, we may only be a few weeks away from making that our new spring product!!!

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