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  • 12 Oz Salsa Comacha!On Sale

    Now available online! We have kept our large Comacha available only in Baltimore for our farmer’s market customers only. But so many come from all over the country that we keep getting email requests for it that we may as … Continue reading

  • Apricot-Comacha JamOn Salersz_photo_2

    For all of those that love the perfect combination of sweet and savory with a slight kick… This small batch artisanal jam  is amazing. Pair it up with cheese and crakers (goat or machego are great!), use it as a … Continue reading

  • Combo – Salsa Comacha & Apricot-Comacha JamOn Salersz_photo_3

    If you find that you cannot make up your mind and want a more complete Comapeño pepper experience you don’t have to settle! Get a Jar of Salsa Comacha together with a Jar of Apricot-Comacha Jam so you can satisfy … Continue reading

  • Dia de Muertos seasonal JamOn Sale

    Usually only available October-December in honor of the fall season and all the beautiful traditions that come with the dropping temperatures and crispy air. We have came up with an very rich apricot preserve with an extra hint of Comapeño … Continue reading

  • Salsa ComachaOn Salersz_toucehd_up_jar_pic2

    One of our FAVORITES…this delicious salsa will make any dish a whole lot better…we promise! Use it as a condiment, mix it with marinades, put it on pizza (Joao’s favorite!), on grilled cheese (Renee’s favorite!), with breakfast, mix it with … Continue reading

  • Whole dried Comapeño PeppersOn Salersz_dsc_2208

    Due to popular demand (and because Joao insists this is the best way to enjoy them) we are once again offering whole dried Comapeño Peppers for sale! Get your Comapeños in a simple and elegant brushed aluminum tin can. Quick fry them, … Continue reading

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